Random on Wednesday

I’m having kind of an ADD day, so here’s my random thoughts.

1. My oldest lost his first tooth today! I’m pondering whether to do the whole toothfairy thing. It does make losing a tooth into a fun tradition.

2. I only mess around with Wattpad every couple of weeks, but when I do, I get sucked down the rabbit hole. You know how people will spend a zillion hours on Pinterest? That’s me on Wattpad. I’ve recently gotten some very nice comments on this story I’m writing my guts out on (it’s a World of Warcraft worgen story I’m rewriting into the terribly-titled A Victorian Werewolf Love Story).

3. Wattpad has taught me the value of always being very, very nice. Online, we can’t watch people interact in real life–we only have constant chatter. So we read peoples’ chatter and keep tabs on the overall impression they make on us. It’s keeping their Regard Score. A consistently kind person winds up with an “I like them, they’re nice” score. A less nice person winds up with “Meh” or “they’re not very nice” to even “man, I’m unfriending you and your venom on Facebook!”

Like it or not, we’re always marketing ourselves if we use the internet for any length of time. People who start all their Facebook/other social media posts with “I hate, I hate, I hate” start to slide down my Regard Score.

4. I’m confused by Christians who shriek about how much they hate fantasy in their fantasy. They don’t want to read magic, they don’t want monsters, they don’t want wizards, they don’t want dragons. I can never figure out what they do want. Lord of the Rings, with its practically no magic? Oh yeah, Gandalf is allowed to make fireworks and the elves are allowed to put a time-stop bubble over Lothlorien, but NOTHING ELSE.

Oh yeah, talking lions are okay. And somehow they ignore the whole Lilith thing in Narnia, too.

And magic is okay as long as it’s BAD and the people using it are BAD.

5. This article on Speculative Faith. Christians shouldn’t write about demons? Just … wut.

Sorry, I got a little ranty there. I guess you can tell what I’ve talked about on social media this week. :-p


2 thoughts on “Random on Wednesday

  1. Well what did you end up doing with Alex’s tooth? Did the tooth fairy come visit.
    I just wanted to cry that I won’t get to see that. I think we need to skype soon.
    I think for me I notice that life is just like the chicken coop now. It is even worse than public school. Be who you are, and write what you like, ignore the people who don’t want to fly, the chickens in the coop who just fly and flap their wings are the happiest. The ones who stay firmly planted on the ground and then race to peck to flying one are just like the people who are afraid to love to write.
    Be different and follow the path God has for you, be single minded and continue to be unique. Don’t ever give up. Focus on the next thing, today and be all there. 🙂 Mom pep talk 1001. 🙂


    1. Heh, it’s so true–flap your wings and the naysayers peck you. Fortunately, I’m enough of a butthead to peck back. That’s why I have this blog. 🙂

      Yes, we need to skype so he can show you his missing tooth! It’s very cute. 🙂


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