Inspirational paranormal werewolf romance

Recently I pitched the idea of writing an inspirational paranormal werewolf romance to my writing group. They thought the very idea was hilarious.

Out of curiosity, I poked around on Amazon. There aren’t any Christian werewolf romances out there–or at least, Amazon refused to search for that particular string because there were no results. Obviously this is a niche that must be filled!

Either that or nobody wants to read it.

Anyway! I’ve been using Wattpad to test out story ideas. I just finished the first draft of Dragonblood Vampire, and I’ve been wanting to tackle a werewolf romance just for the lols. The ones on Amazon are really steamy–it seems werewolves don’t do “sweet romance”, the kind where they don’t have pages of onscreen smut.

And Christian werewolves? Pff, forget THAT.

So I’ve taken this as a challenge! If Kerry Nietz can write Amish Vampires in Space, (and he’s not the only one) I can totally write a Christian werewolf romance.

I took a look at the back cover copy of a bunch of inspirational romances, and I’ve been writing up a bunch of my own. They’re plot nuggets that nicely encapsulate a story. They’re all kind of barfy–I mean, that’s the way romance is–but fun anyway. Below are a bunch of ones I’ve come up with–let me know which of these you’d likely pick up and read. If any. 🙂

Plot 1:

Aimee is an English major and desperately writing her thesis when not working part time as a parts runner for an auto shop. She’s also a werewolf, and her pack bosses her unmercifully–most of them are family and the alpha is her uncle. She’d really like to run away and write books for a living–she has a couple hidden in online storage and an interested agent–but the pack doesn’t approve.
Nathan is a werefox looking for a place to settle down. Unaware of the local wolf population, he settles in Prescott and takes a job as a mechanic in the shop where Aimee works. But as their romance blossoms, her suffocating pack may descend upon Nathan and destroy him.

Plot 2:

Nathan runs a successful campground and ski slope in Prescott. The werewolf pack all have similar jobs–firemen, forestry, loggers and such–because they stand between Prescott and the were-apes who have taken Flagstaff and are moving south. Nathan refuses to join the pack and is an outcast.
Aimee comes to Prescott seeking rest and anonymity after her boyfriend was shot in his fox form. She’s sworn never to transform again. While camping she meets Nathan and she’s attracted to him fiercely. But werewolves kill werefoxes, and wereapes kill everything. Their relationship may end in both their deaths.

(More Christiany) Plot 3:

Nathan is a Holy Wolf–a werewolf born on holy ground. His family hid him from the local pack. Now grown, Nathan is a popular youth pastor and apple farmer. But he also fights evil creatures of the night at certain seasons of the moon, and his actions have caught the attention of the Alpha, who wants Nathan as his daughter’s mate.
Aimee is a werefox. She arrived in Prescott with only the clothes on her back because her bus ticket didn’t take her any farther. Nathan opened the church’s resources to her, got her an apartment and a job–and they’re deeply attracted to each other. But Aimee is being hunted by a kelpie, which already killed her family. Between the wolf pack and the death horse, one werefox’s life may not last long–unless she opens up to the Holy Wolf. But by then it may be too late.

(More paranormal) Plot 4:

Nathan is a vet-turned-lycanthrope after a patient bit him. Now struggling with the beast within and its taste for blood, his life is falling apart–he’s missing work and church and all the singles activities he used to do. Even more alarming is the question of his soul–now that he’s a monster, is he damned for eternity? Does God hear the prayers of monsters? The local lycanthrope pack comes knocking, and Nathan is horribly tempted to join them.
Aimee is a shifter–born with the power to transform into a red fox, she retains her humanity even when transformed. She’s just moved to Prescott, unaware of the local lycanthrope problem, and when her cat falls sick, she finds herself in Nathan’s vet office–and sparks fly. But after a few dates, Nathan disappears during the full moon, and reappears days later–Aimee catches on. Is there any future for a bloodthirsty lycanthrope and a fox shifter, or will the local pack kill them both?

As you can see, there’s certain elements I want to write–the person at odds with the local pack, a werewolf and a werefox, etc. (This has nothing to do with Rosalee and Monroe from Grimm. Nope. Nothing.) But I can dress up those elements in any form.


4 thoughts on “Inspirational paranormal werewolf romance

  1. Personally, I would like to see #1, #3, and #4.

    #2 just doesn’t do it for me–not sure why; #4 was going the same way until I got to his internal struggle about would God hear his prayers and stuff. I’d like to see how you would bring that together. #3 also threatened to alienate me until I got to the kelpie part. I don’t know what one is, but it murdered her family and it’s hunting her . . . so that intrigued me.

    However, #1 seems like a solid romance idea, so that’s the one I’d like most to see.


    1. I’m getting a lot of votes for 3 on Facebook. But the people voting are all fantasy writers, so of course they like the one with the monsters. 🙂


  2. #4 stood out to me immediately. Some of the storylines had too many “unbelieveables,”—I think David Farland told a class there can only be so many unbelievable things? Or something like that. I don’t mind werefoxes And werewolves, but those, kelpies, etc…. I like the idea of a werewolf who can’t control the change, and a shifter who can. I think the balance of paranormal and christian is nice in that one, and could draw readers from both sides (as in, readers who liked Twilight because it was paranormal, and christians who liked Twilight because at the end of the day, Edward and Bella Waited) if you see what I mean 😀

    Anyway yeah. Number 4.


    1. Good reasoning! I think #3 would have to be a series, as its scope is simply too big. I like 3 and 4 the best–maybe I’ll do them both. Just throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks, you know? 🙂


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