Living books

I’ve been trying to educate myself about how to, we’ll, educate. This is our first year of proper homeschooling, and I want to do it right.

I’ve been reading the Charlotte Mason companion, and it talks about the importance of living book. A living book is simply the opposite of a textbook–written by one person, often historical or biographical. Paddle to the Sea and Seabird by Holling Clancy Holling are examples. I’d venture that the Magic Schoolbus books are, too.

So I’ve been pondering what else to get, and if I could even find some. Anybody have any suggestions? At this point I’m interested in picture books, because the kids are small.

One thought on “Living books

  1. Remember Robins garage? That was what made it so special she only sold living books. She was really big into Charlotte Mason and her business card said Twaddle Free books. No, magic school bus wouldn’t be on that list. Holling C. Holling was on that list because his books were considered living. Charlotte Mason didn’t go for picture books, she thought it was better for a young child to develop their own imaginations rather than see it in a picture book. That was why it was living because the kid could see it in their own minds. That is why we read out loud and had no T.V. because I was reading those books. I don’t even think she was much of a fan of Beatrix Potter. I could be wrong though. I borrowed a boxed set of Charlotte Masons books once. Very opinionated. I think that is why that companion is better it cuts down on her ideas and just gives you the best parts of it.
    Sorry I am so long winded too. I just saw this post.


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