Weekend random

I was chortling to myself. Back in California, the kids asked for umbrellas, and I waved them off, because it never rained. Since we’ve lived here in the Arizona desert, it’s rained on average once a week. So I guess they really do need umbrellas. Actually, it’s thundering outside as I type this.

The sort of skies we get:


And the sunset across the sky:


Got a short story edited and submitted. Feeling pretty good about that.

We made oven s’mores last night. Upon my first bite, I went, “Yum! Just like camping!” Then I tried to swallow and went, “SWEET! TOO SWEET!”

Also, roasted marshmallows just don’t taste the same without bits of charcoal ash embedded in the marshmallow.

It’s great to have a library book in your sweaty little hand–then you go to renew it and someone else has placed a hold on it, so the library is going to charge you 25 cents a day. Uh, no thanks. Amazon, you are my only friend.

I love weekends when my hubby has them off.

Weekends aren’t so great when he doesn’t.

What does one do when one discovers that her son’s friends have been offering him cigarettes?

One thought on “Weekend random

  1. Don’t freak out, talk to him and explain to him why we don’t smoke cigarettes, and then calmly bring it up to the boys mother. She may not know the boy has them. The. If the problem persists, A doesn’t get to play with that little boy anymore.


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