Friday random

I don’t have any coherent thoughts that can be turned into a blogpost right now. So here’s a bunch of random stuff.

My sister in law is giving away some of her all-natural lip balms!

Jalapeno pepper poppers can be made of any kind of pepper you like. Bell peppers are quite nice.

Wanna see James Gurney paint a horse and a donkey?

The kids just watched a video of a Minecraft Pokemon mod. The players messed it up every way possible. They ended up running in terror from a pack of angry flareon. It was hilarious.

My son is really into this Troubletwister book series by Garth Nix. I fear I’m giving him a taste for horror. Of course, Minecraft may have already given him that …

The next Avengers movie should be the Avengers vs. Slenderman.

It’s fun to find Doctor Who fans, but finding other Grimm fans is even more fun.

Flashcards make math fun!

Tossing out yogurt-covered raisins in payment for correctly answering a flashcard question is even more fun!

Bribes! Bribes!

I don’t like zombies. But editing a story about a zombie apocalypse is actually really fun. Filling it with remarks like, “This needs to be SCARIER! Use grosser verbs!”

And that’s been my eclectic week.


2 thoughts on “Friday random

  1. I happen to like random. This was cute. Our power was off 12 hours. We stayed outside until bedtime then it was hot in the house but not unbearable. It was so nice when it did come on again. Electricity is very nice.
    Peter worked on the fort until dark. It is almost down now,
    Well have a nice day.


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