That kite won’t fly

The kids and I read a lot of books, and I’ve developed my own set of favorites.

In one of the Frog and Toad books, by Arnold Lobel, there’s a story where Frog and Toad try to fly a kite.

Frog holds the string and Toad runs across the field, trying to launch the kite. It goes up in the air and falls down in the grass.

Some robins are sitting in a bush, and they laugh at Toad. “That kite will never fly! Give up and go home.”

Toad goes back to Frog and repeats this disappointing thought. But Frog is more optimistic and insists they try again, only try harder.

Again the kite doesn’t fly, again the robins laugh, again Toad returns to Frog, discouraged.

After four tries, despite the snarky robins, the kite takes off and flies all the way to the top of the sky. Even the robins can’t fly as high as the kite.

I’m encouraged every time I read it. 🙂


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