And then the battery died

Here I didn’t have a blogpost for Wednesday. Then the car battery died and now I have one. 🙂

So yeah. Car battery died. That sucks on the best of days, but we only have one car, and due to circumstances beyond our control but involving rent, we’re completely broke until the next paycheck next Friday.

The battery’s been dying for a while. You know how when a noisy toy starts losing its battery, iiiiittt geeeeeetttts ssslllooooooowwww until you just want to strangle it? Our car’s fancy electronic systems were doing that. It would start, and the dashboard would take ages to light up … and the dials would click for a minute until the car had enough power to register the gas gauge … and all the emergency lights on the dash would go on and off for no reason …

Yeah. We knew it was dying. The battery was three years old and it’s summer in Arizona. Heat’s notorious for killing batteries.

So the car wouldn’t start. Dun dun dun. Lots of clicking and funny noises from the electronic systems, though. My hubby had work in 4 hours and we didn’t know what to do. We’re in the doghouse with family right now, and calling them up only resulted in a fight.

At the end of our ropes, my hubby and I hit our knees and prayed. We did like Nehemiah when he took the threatening letter and spread it out before the altar in the temple.

I chose to believe that God would answer our prayers. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but I went ahead and made dinner for lunch, which had been our plan since my husband has to work all evening with no dinner break. By cooking that meal, I was believing that God would make a way for him to get to work.

While we were eating, the phone rang. His mom was on her way over.

Within two hours God parted the Red Sea and we had a car battery. My hubby made it to work on time. I took a very long nap.

This was one of the most terrifying things that’s ever happened to me, but God was there all the way. All of my prayers were answered. I’m still totally blown away.


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