Game of Thrones cover look alikes

I’m noticing all these books coming out with phonetic titles and covers. First, the original bestseller:


Then these started showing up.

This one was actually phrased by the author to make people laugh at him and notice his book.


No idea what’s up with this one.


There obviously needs to be a rash of books named after Game of Thrones. What if I redid Storm Chase to cash in on the popularity?


What else rhymes with Thrones, anyway?


And one more:


5 thoughts on “Game of Thrones cover look alikes

  1. Hahaha, for a second I thought they were real books. I laughed, though I realize that George Martin never would.

    George Martin doesn’t laugh at anything.


  2. …Does it make me weird that ‘Cane of Crones’ sounds like it could actually be kind of cool if the “crones” turned out to be witches and the cane ended up being some powerful talisman?



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