The last Monday in July

It’s the last Monday of July 2013 today. It’s 103 here in Phoenix, which isn’t really too bad. The trees are getting that tired, dusty look. I don’t notice the cicadas anymore, I’m so used to them. My cockatiel has begun his fall molt.

Across all my blogs, across the country, everybody’s chickens are molting. It gives me hope that the end of summer isn’t far off. Of course, down here in the desert it won’t cool off until November, but I like to pretend that September means fall.

The August meteor shower starts the week of the 13th, and I’m sure we’ll be having major monsoons by then. I’m debating taking the kids out this week, while it’s dry and clear, to stargaze and watch for shooting stars. We have a pretty good view of the sky if we lay out in the volleyball sand pit.

Of course, the sand pit is also inhabited by red ants. Out here the red ants are black. They’re the ghetto cousins of California ants. If you look close, they’re very dark red with black abdomens. But when you look down and see them biting you, they just look black. And they’re bigger, too.

So I’ll inspect he area for ants before we do any stargazing.

Is astronomy a good school subject? I think we’ll add it to our lesson plan. 🙂

2 thoughts on “The last Monday in July

  1. I LOVE astronomy.

    We have had several years of very hot summers here in TX. I think it got up to about 120, and had weeks of above 100+, but this year has been so nice. Way cooler and wetter. Much needed! 🙂

    Monsoon in Arizona?


  2. Astronomy was the first class I ever took in college. It’s SO MUCH FUN. Plus, if you have a planetarium near your home, they usually have stargazing events for young kids. =D Go for it!


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