Show me the awesome

I was talking to a friend and explaining what I’ve been writing lately. How I was building up to the climax, which consists of the hero and villain.

Who fall off the edge of the world.

And have a knife fight.

In free fall.


I was also trying to describe a monster they encounter. Its working name is an air hydra. Imagine a Portuguese man o’war (a killer jellyfish), only its gas bag is filled with hydrogen and it floats in the air. And instead of tentacles, it has dragon heads on long, snake-like necks. The military uses them like living zeppelins.

I love reading awesome. Like, the kind that literally makes you sit up and go, Holy crap, am I seriously reading this? And what’s more, in the story’s context, I’m totally buying it?

Sometimes the awesome gets out of hand and kind of takes a turn toward stupid. That’s my big gripe with Starswarm, when they sneak into the bad guys’ base by delivering pizza. It has to be baked into the story ahead of time. (Haha! Pizza! Baked!)

In the second book of Scott Westerfield’s steam punk trilogy, Behemoth, we’ve already seen the dragon train and the giant robots. So in the finale, when the dragon train crashes itself into the giant robots, it works! And it’s also FREAKING AWESOME. Also that’s not much of a spoiler because I didn’t tell you why it happened. Read the books.

Maybe it comes of watching too many action movies with superheroes in my youth. But if I find a book that takes risks and does crazy things, like you usually only see on the big screen, well, I get excited.

What’s more, I want to write those kinds of books. The ones that blow your hair back and leave you panting at the end of the last page.

I know not everybody can handle the awesome. I don’t like it all the time, myself. But sometimes a romance novel just needs a big dragon to come stomping through.

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