In Bakersfield, we get weather from two directions: cool air from the coast to the west, and monsoon moisture from the tropics down south. We much prefer the beach weather because it’s ever so much cooler without the hideous humidity.

Out here in Phoenix, in the desert, we only get cool(ish) air from one place–the tropical monsoons. The weird nature of the desert and its tendency to heat up or cool off at the drop of a hat means that a thunderstorm radically cools the air for a few hours.

So, naturally, after a week or so of 110+ temps, the whole state is hoping for monsoons. Apparently, this week we’re having some!



This morning when I went outside to check the clouds for signs of precipitation, I found the youngest diligently pouring dirt on our neighbor’s cat.


The cat just sat there and put up with it. She’s a very mellow cat.

3 thoughts on “Monsoony

  1. I love the picture of the Claire and the cat. It made me so homesick for them. Like big time. I am going to have to Skype soon.
    Have a nice day. I am a bit under the weather today. It is beautiful here today though. Only 67 right now. But the heat will be back tomorrow. I am so glad you are getting a break.


  2. There was some one on facebook recently who said she was about to faint because there was rain falling in Phoenix! I have been there a few times, and it is beautiful. Can’t imagine how hot it would be though in summer!



    1. It was 117 a few weeks ago. I grew up in southern CA with 110 temps, and this was something else. But man, it dried my towels INSTANTLY.


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