The kids came down with colds last week. Naturally I’ve had it all this week. Mine, of course, turned into a sinus infection, because a cold is never just a cold.

So it’s made the week kind of surreal. Between being sick, my husband’s crazy work schedule, and sick kids, I feel like I’ve barely been scraping by.

I got on our library’s online catalog and downloaded some ebooks. I found The Time of the Ghost by Diana Wynne Jones, which I’d never read. Tip: don’t read it with a sinus infection. I felt exactly like the ghost–muddled and unable to think straight. It was like I was living the book, and it’s not exactly the most sunshiny book in the world, either.

So then yesterday, I was crawling around, assembling the pieces of my life again. The kids went over to their friend’s house and all was well. I went out to check on them after a while. One of the neighbor girls came running up to me all dramatically to tell me that her mom had gotten an alert on her phone–some kid had been kidnapped.

Even Ryan got this alert, so it must have gone to everyone with a cellphone (I.e. not me). A little while later, I had a random lady beating my door down because Clair had walked the sidewalk loop by herself. Which is in full view of my windows. By the time the lady showed up, Claire was already back with the other kids, who I could also see from my windows.

But everybody was so upset by that kidnapping alert, I looked it up.

A mom kidnapped her own kid from daycare to keep CPS from taking him.

And I was all, “Really? This is what all the fuss has been about?” But that phone alert doesn’t give you any details aside from time and the description of the car. So it sounded truly terrifying.

So this has been a surreal week. I’m ready to be well.

One thought on “Surreal

  1. And that’s why my children don’t attend day care! Because you sign over the rights to your children. Omg that makes me so sick.

    I hope you are feeling better soon. Maybe it’s just one if those weeks, I have been feeling a little lost too. My kids are sick also!


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