Art I want to do

I was looking around our new apartment, and I need some art for our blank, boring walls. I got rid of all my other (old, crummy) art when we moved, which I now regret horribly.

But now my hubby has a job, that means our financial situation will improve. That also means I might be able to afford a canvas, which I can work on in stolen moments while the munchkins are napping and such.

So I’m starting to collect reference pictures of things I might like to put on the walls.

One gem comes from This Page, which is a comparison list of various Magic the Gathering lands, most painted in night lighting, and repainted in daylight. (Mouse over each pic to see the difference.)

The one I really love is this one.


Knowing my hubby, we’ll have to have at least one warrior angel somewhere in the house.

Angel of Thune by namesjames

I’m partial to weird landscapes with a sense of wonder, like some of these.

Follow the Wind, by FotoN-3

Mt. Saimour, by FerdinandLadera

Road, by VityaR83

Background by dimarinski

Maybe a bit ambitious for my skill level, but it’d be fun to have something similar on the walls. Something you could look at for years and never get tired of.

3 thoughts on “Art I want to do

  1. I love all of these! Although the angel does sort of remind me of your post on Christian fiction cliches, haha.

    Actually, Christian art seems to have a ton of cliches all its own. Like… you ever notice how Adam, Cain, Abel, etc. never seem to be depicted with beards? Yet every man from Noah onward are pretty much always bearded. Forget Adam’s bellybutton… what happened to his facial hair!


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