Pitcharama – Pitch your mate contest

Rachel Meenan and I are entering the Pitcharama contest. The idea is that we each pitch each other’s stories on our blogs, and a bunch of publishers will come by and check us out. So here’s my pitch for her story! You can read her pitch for mine here.

Author name: Rachel Anne Blackmon

Title: The Stolen Defender

Audience age: 13-18

Genre: Young Adult Urban fantasy

Word count: 78,000

Brief novel description: In a modern fantasy universe where Faunos (anthropomorphic creatures) are synchronized with magical Gems, Matt and Izzy are Defenders–elite magical soldiers, trained to use their Gems to defend the greater good. Matt and Izzy are the Golden Guardians, and among the highest ranking Defenders available. So when an alien creature called Ouranos invades their planet of Zyearth, Matt and Izzy are called to respond.

But the life-long friends get more than they bargain for. Ouranos is a Weather-Wielder, a kind of magical user not seen on Zyearth for thousands of years. He’s damaging, fearless, calculating, and powerful.
And then, by some strange chance, Ouranos physically and magically fuses with Matt, a feat thought impossible. Together they are the creature Gaia- a creature the Defenders have no hope of fighting, let alone stopping.
Now Izzy must fight military politics, black, inky monsters and time itself to reclaim Matt from the darkness, before it’s too late.


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