My sister’s wedding

I took an eclectic bunch of photos at my sister’s wedding, so without adieu, behold the randomness!

It was an almost entirely homemade wedding–taking place in my parents’ vast front yard, with friends and family providing food and entertainment. My sister works at a florist, who gave her a good deal on the flowers.


Here she is, making bouquets, boutonnieres, and table flower arrangements. She worked for days and she was exhausted.


Here’s the guests at the reception. I didn’t get any pictures of the wedding ceremony itself because I was a bridesmaid, and a bridesmaid snapping pictures would just be tacky. It doesn’t look like it, but there were over 120 people there.


The cake table, with lots of cupcakes for guests. The food tent was just beyond this. My aunts spotted my son sneaking cupcake frosting. There were some hilarious shots taken of other cousins being told they had to wait for cupcakes, and the kids’ reactions.


Cutting the cake, my lovely sister and new brother in law.


Observers large and small.


There were also rootbeer floats along with cake, which upped the party mood. It’s amazing how hyper everybody got, completely without alcohol. As it got dark, they handed out the glowstcks …


And cranked up the music…


And then it really got fun. I was so busy dancing around and waving glowsticks that I didn’t take any more pictures. But it was excellent. We all agreed it set a new standard for Fun Party.


3 thoughts on “My sister’s wedding

  1. So glad you got those pictures. The glow sticks turned out pretty cool. I am glad you caught those pictures. Did you get anymore?


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