Today, I’m thankful for so many things.

For being moved in.

For long mornings on the playground, just me and the munchkins.

For long afternoon naps.

For such a wonderful place to live.

For the job prospects surrounding my husband, where before he had none.

For waking up regularly at 5, and being able to sneak in some writing.

For some kind of Internet, even if it’s only my hubby’s cellphone.

For each of my kids and their wonderful quirky selves.

For my husband, who I get to travel on this journey of life together with.

For God and His open hands of blessing.


5 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. Oh Kessie, I’m so glad you’ve been posting all this. You seem like you’ve come alive and all of life is open for you. It’s been so good to see how God has moved you to somewhere that is perfect for you and feeds and refreshes your soul. I am so, so happy for you!


  2. I love your list!!! I am so happy you are thankful and that is why following God is always the best, so many nice, nice surprises. I am so thankful too.


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