Character building

Everybody on my blog roll seems to be talking about world building right now– Spec Faith, Ya Highway, and Gurney Journey, to name a few. So, just to be different, I’m going to talk about character building.

Building character in real life and building an imaginary character are remarkably similar. We are defined by our choices. But our choices are made in our secret hearts, where our daily battles are fought, our fears reside, and what we believe about God, the Universe, and Everything all stew together.

The fun of writing is getting to ride around in someone else’s head and find out what makes them tick. In a book, a character is defined by what they want. Their ultimate goal, the thing they want so badly, they’ll fight, kill and die for it. And all the things that keep them from reaching that goal.

I’m revisiting the Jake and Revi story in preparation for another draft. Revi is a trainee assassin on the run from her colleagues who kept her drugged in order to control her. All she wants is to be left alone and live a normal life. She wants this so desperately, she’s willing to kill all the other assassins to achieve it.

Jake is a retrieval agent, still mourning the senseless murder of his fiancĂ© the previous year. He just wants to do his job and retreat back into his shell of alchoholism, where there’s no pain.

When these two characters collide, and what’s more, have to depend on each other to survive, that’s the meat of the story. Sparks fly. Blood is shed. Jake and Revi learn that there’s more to each other than meets the eye–and that they’re pawns in a vast xanados gambit spanning centuries and worlds.

Early morning thoughts

It’s five thirty and the sun is on its way. Outside the doves are cooing, the mockingbirds are singing, and every so often I hear the cheerful water drop notes from a quail. There are houses with acreage behind our apartments, so I can hear roosters crowing, too. The street noise is starting to surge as the day begins.

I lie here in bed with my iPod and count my blessings. We have a nice place to live. We had a quiet, relaxing day yesterday.

There are people in my life right now who only communicate with ridicule and put downs. I’ve never experienced this for so long before, and it’s made me cling to Jesus like a life raft. But what do I do when they mock my children? I’m afraid I’ll have to put my foot down, gaslighting or no.

These thoughts trouble me on this pretty, peaceful morning. I think it’s time for some prayer.


My mother in law gave me these tomatoes yesterday, and I’m so excited! One is an early producer and the other is a late, so I should have tomatoes all summer. I’m off to research home fertilizers– I seem to remember coffee grounds are a thing.

And my other little sprout:


Today, I’m thankful for so many things.

For being moved in.

For long mornings on the playground, just me and the munchkins.

For long afternoon naps.

For such a wonderful place to live.

For the job prospects surrounding my husband, where before he had none.

For waking up regularly at 5, and being able to sneak in some writing.

For some kind of Internet, even if it’s only my hubby’s cellphone.

For each of my kids and their wonderful quirky selves.

For my husband, who I get to travel on this journey of life together with.

For God and His open hands of blessing.


Well, we’ve successfully moved to Mesa, Arizona. April has been a gorgeous month weather-wise: 70s and 80s, not unbearably hot yet. We have a bigger apartment (when you have 3 children and have been living in a 1-bedroom, relief isn’t even the word.) These apartments are arranged in a big square, with an open area with a playground and barbecues and stuff. It’s lovely. My youngest can collect rocks to her heart’s content.

Pictures coming next post! I just realized my iPod can upload photos directly to my blog.