Stress and recreation

Amazing how quickly stress kills creativity. We’re getting ready to move in two weeks, and my right-brain mojo has ground to a complete and utter halt. I know I’m stressed because my teeth are starting to split. I’m not a teeth-grinder, but this is some serious stress.

I wanted to do Camp Nanowrimo in April, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. I may not even have a computer for most of the month. I’m also dabbling with writing mysteries, so I figure that if I can’t write, I can at least read. And what’s more fun to read than mysteries?

Amazon has a ton of Mary Roberts Rinehart mysteries for free. She’s like the American Agatha Christie, and was quite popular in her time. I’ve read one of her books before (the Circular Staircase), and just started reading Sight Unseen. Great premise–a group of friends attend a seance to try to debunk it, and the medium instead tells them all this inside information on a murder that’s happening down the street. So now this group knows all kinds of stuff about this “suicide” that they can’t explain to the police. It’s entertaining as heck.

The Dresden novels by Jim Butcher have given me an appetite for paranormal mystery. There’s just something hugely entertaining about a murder performed by a vampire on behalf of the fay in the middle of Chicago.

I know there’s other paranormal mystery writers–somewhere–I just haven’t located them. I have a low tolerance for sex and gore, so I’ve been shy of checking out new authors. Really, at my current stress level, I’m on the verge of hunting down cozy mysteries and reading them by the truckload.

Also been reading the blog Writing Mystery is Murder, which has a bunch of cozy mystery writers as contributors. It’s refreshing to mess about in other genres.

2 thoughts on “Stress and recreation

  1. You know maybe that is why I just do cozy now. There is a whole slew of new books by authors that I used to really enjoy. I just don’t have the brain power. Every time you mention that American Agatha Christie I think I am going to track her down.
    Stay calm and breathe. 🙂


  2. The act of packing and moving was never a particularly fun experience, but I always enjoyed the part that something new was on the horizon. It’ll be good as soon as you’re out there and settled! Funny how we seem to carry stress in our mouth – With all of Ben’s stupid hours at work, I have been clenching my teeth so much lately my jaw hurts and it’s giving me a headache. =


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