I’ve always thought of the story climax as the boss fight. The heroes go up against the Big Bad of the story, and there’s fights, and explosions, and bloodshed, and the heroes get beat up–and then pull a reversal and save the day.

Looking back over my library of fanfics, I’ve written volcanic eruptions, dangling bridges over waterfalls, fleeing ticking time bombs, hacked software in the brain, ambushes, swordfights, insanity, slowly dying of exposure, and falling from orbit. Yeah man, you name it, I’ve written it.


So as I undertake the fun of writing new stuff in an original universe, I’ve been afraid that all my good bossfights were used up.

One in particular gave me problems. The story itself was basically a tour of this one fantasy world, glimpses of its politics and monsters, and so forth. And the bossfight–against a giant legless dragon–took place entirely in one room. It felt anticlimactic.

So I started thinking about what kind of climax might work better. I still wanted them to fight the dragon–so what if I pulled a Frank Peretti and trashed all these environments we’d spent so much time building earlier in the book?

So I wrote it. And it was infinitely satisfying. I now know why in Frank Peretti’s novels, the whole freaking world goes nuts and comes crashing down. Because it’s AWESOME.

How do you write the climax of your story? Do you like the superhero-movie kinds with big explosions and chases and fireworks? Have you ever had a climax you weren’t happy with and had to fix up?

Having a great discussion about this over on DA, where I cross-posted this blogpost. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Bossfights

  1. I’ve totally had climaxes that needed fixing. The former version of my climax for The Trusted was basically K and C finding each other. On the battlefield. As in, he went down, she saw him and went to his side, and while they were talking and reassuring each other that they were both okay, they realized the battle was over. FAIL! I am so happy with my climax this time around, in comparison to that.

    I like my climaxes to be big, and make the reading of the story worth my while, but one of my pet peeves is reading a climax and feeling like a bunch of new info is being thrown at me and I have no idea what is happening because so much is going on at once. I like it to feel relevant to the rest of the story, I guess. Nothing so new and shocking that it throws me off guard, but also huge and epic. 🙂


    1. Yeah, your new climax is waaay better than that! I enjoyed it very much, but I won’t mention details for fear of spoilers. 🙂


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