Project list

Yikes, I’ve got a ton on my plate right now. And I really need to update the blog! Zoniks, Scooby!

  • Get Storm Chase published in some shape or form. Still leaning toward small press, despite various people trying to warn me off. I need the training worse than anything else.
  • Get my emotional feet under me again. I’ve been off kilter since our Arizona trip last week, and I think I need to spend some major time with God.
  • Sleep more.
  • Figure out what to write next. I doodled out the opening to a murder mystery tonight–finding the body–and it’s got me wanting to write more. When a dead angelus is found by a werewolf, suspicion immediately falls on him–even if he didn’t do it.
  • Get rid of a bunch of the clutter around here.
  • Why are Portal 1 and 2 so tremendously entertaining? WHY? The kids ask for it like it’s a favorite movie.

So yeah. Stuff. A friend on DA is even asking for another Sonic fanfic, so I need to buckle down and finish the one I’ve been tinkering with.



3 thoughts on “Project list

  1. Well it is a new week. I do hope you get to spend some good time with God it does help. I am glad you wrote your list out I always think that is half of the battle.
    It looks like another beautiful day. I told your Dad that March is turning out to be a really nice month.
    Not like I expected at the beginning. I think Portal is like watching a movie. It is so completely entertaining and fun. Rest too it helps.


  2. Hahah, no rush Kessie.

    Take care of what’s most important, especially that God time (I feel that wear and tear myself).

    Making a list like that certainly helps me too šŸ™‚



    1. Once it’s up, I’ll be sending out zillions of digital review copies for free in exchange for Amazon reviews. I’ll post the offer on DA, so you can drop me a line if you’re interested. It’s basically my Sonicverse, but with humans, set on Earth.


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