Report on the Wattpad experiment

We’re done with school, and the kids are running around on all fours, talking in meows and hiding under the beds. I have a few minutes to sit at the computer and talk about hobbies.

I’ve been on Wattpad for two whole weeks now. I have 15 followers, and my story-in-progress has 382 reads, 69 votes and 83 comments. I promote/trade reads for an hour or so every night.

Wattpad is very amateur, but it’s also very fun. The intensity of the teen-excitement in all the forums is such fun.

But it’s not all amateur–there are all kinds of published authors who write Wattpad exclusive stories and novellas. I saw one book that was available for free in return for Amazon reviews. Those books have millions of reads and thousands of comments. (Just go to and click on Wattpad Insider. It’s all there.)

I’ve been following the progress of all kinds of people who are using social media to promote their books. And it seems to me that promoting a book to the same people over and over doesn’t get anywhere. There has to be a way to connect with new readers.

I’ve been on deviantArt for nine years. I have 867 artworks in my gallery (holy crap!), and every day I have a smattering of favorites and comments. Usually it’s individual faves spread across my zillions of artworks. But that’s how book publishing works, too. You get a large body of work out there, and eventually it starts selling itself.

But there was at least two years on DA where I got no comments or faves. I posted there anyway because I liked having a spiffy new site to display my art on. I commented and faved other art. I networked with my friends. And once DA introduced clubs, I joined clubs like nobody’s business, and that’s when my views really skyrocketed.

All these marketing gurus say, “Promote on a platform you like! Make friends! Give something back!”

It’s all true. The trick is finding a platform somewhere that clicks with you. For some it’s blogging. (Blogging isn’t just posting an update once in a while, either. It’s actively commenting on other blogs, and constantly finding new ones, spreading the net wider and wider.)

For some it’s messing about on Tumblr (I have a friend who has done very well on Tumblr).

Other people build a following on Twitter because they tweet all kinds of funny and weird things, like that guy who tweets pictures of things he sees on his motorcycle commute to work.

My hubby’s interested in Minecraft, so he’s been making friends in the chat servers and the adventure map groups, as well as the open servers where someone always makes him a moderator.

It all comes down to where you’re comfortable and what you’re interested in. Once something clicks, man, go, go, go for it. But don’t try too many at once. There’s only so many hours in the day.


2 thoughts on “Report on the Wattpad experiment

  1. It is true, I am glad you are doing so well on Wattpad. It sounds like fun.
    You have learned so much about social media. Sorry I am so bland today. šŸ™‚


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