Duel – Sonic and Mecha

I sat down to draw something this evening, and wracked my brains for something fun.

For some reason I’ve been thinking about this short Sonic story I wrote called Duel. It’s about Metal Sonic chasing Sonic, and Sonic just runs and runs–and they’re both keeping diaries of the chase’s events.

Anyway, it’s a simple concept and doing a cover image for it should be simple enough.


While drawing this, I realized that I’ve more or less forgotten how to draw the Sonic characters. Fortunately, Google is stuffed with reference art.

You can see how I layered in the sky first, then the foreground.



The brush isn’t really green. It’s grayish-brown, but it looks green against the reddish background. I wanted a hot color scheme to convey the tension of the chase.



This is how it looks as of tonight, but it needs some more value tweaking, and some polishing. I’ll mess with it some more later. 🙂

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