Minecraft, time sink

Lately the kids and I have been playing Minecraft. They prefer Creative Mode, which is a sandbox mode which lets you build anything.

I like survival mode, where you have to work for resources and hide at night from the zombies and other nasties.

The other day, I went crazy and built this dragon head.


The eye is just a torch for now, because the kind of glowing red block I wanted won’t be out until the next patch. There’s a room with a door and stuff inside him. I was thinking he’d be like this stronghold kind of thing. He needs horns and spikes and things, too.

I’ve been building houses for my village, based on nifty chateau-houses from another adventure map.


It’s kind of like doing counted cross-stitch. Seven blocks here of one color, three here and two there of alternating colors, and so on. I let my son play, and he built me the block house on the right. He’s very good at building block houses.

So yeah. That’s what we’ve been doing. 🙂

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