Park day pictures

Playing in the sand and getting it primarily in his hair.

Hanging out with the guy who’s always there working out.

Talking through the little voice trumpet thing.

Listening to the other end of the voice trumpet thing.

Slides are fun!


A new friend has arrived!

What I believe to be a phoebe.

Looking for flying insects.



4 thoughts on “Park day pictures

    1. That squirrel came right up to us to eat food scraps! He was fearless! It was hilarious when my youngest ran after him. He ran five feet up a tree trunk and waited for her to go away.


  1. I so predicted your squirrel caption. When I saw the picture, I literally shouted “SQUIRREL” and that’s what you wrote. XD

    It’s so nice to see that there are still places that believe in REAL PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT. All the stuff out here is like… platforms three inches off the ground, slides that don’t tilt enough to make you move, and swing sets so low that I hit my head on the top bar. >> Parents these days are so worried about their kids getting even the TINIEST bump on the head, that they take the fun out of playing!

    Personally, I think it’s GOOD if you get dirty, find bugs, and fall occasionally on the playground. It’s part of growing up. You can’t go your whole life without bumps!


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