Odd conversations

One of the fun things about being an adult is talking to strangers. They’re usually really nice.

Munchie: I love dogs!
Sasha: Help me! Please!

After a nice visit at my mom’s today with my sister-in-law, I had to run to the bank and the store. I hadn’t finished my grocery list or menu, but I had them written on my ipod. The line at the bank was pretty long, and I had time to stand there and brainstorm for meals.

The trouble was, I was two short. So I stood there and tapped my foot and sighed and did all the things you do when you’re trying to generate an idea. Then I wondered what would happen if I asked somebody what they were having for dinner. I was standing inches away from a whole crowd of intensely bored strangers. What did I have to lose?

So I turned to the little old Mexican lady behind me and said, “Can I ask you a weird question? What are you having for dinner?”

She laughed and told me “Submarine sandwiches” because it’s what they go out to eat on paydays. Then they were going to barbecue that weekend. We stood there and had a nice chat about how fast January had gone by and how much fun it is to have so many birthdays.

This is what we do at Grandma’s. We eat.

So then I got up to the teller. While I was waiting for her to process my bank stuff, I remembered this question I’ve always wanted to ask somebody in a bank. So when she came back, I asked, “When somebody robs a bank, does the money they steal come out of everybody’s bank accounts, or does the bank have some kind of insurance?”

She laughed and explained that banks have insurance to cover that sort of thing, and not to worry about my account.

I left the bank feeling quite merry indeed.

I want to touch the camera with my Cheeto-y hands!

So that’s been my day. How’s yours?


5 thoughts on “Odd conversations

  1. Oh gosh, poor Sashie. I couldn’t see her face that well on the camera… her eyes are bugging out of her head. That was a good idea to ask a random person for dinner plans! Maybe I’ll try that some time… if I work up the nerve, haha.


  2. I love the photos and I love that you just asked those questions. They made me laugh.
    Isn’t it fun to do those kinds of things. You ending making friends.
    So glad you did it. So glad you took pictures too.


  3. I’ve done that before, as far as dinner goes. I’ll ask random students or instructors at my work what their favorite meal is and plan it for that night. We’ve gotten some really awesome recipes that way! Like Enchilada Casserole…. Yum!


  4. Me, I’m in the mood to confess to random strangers more often than ask them questions.

    Asking questions means inviting someone else into my world, entering into theirs.

    Random confessions is more offloading, and self-limiting (I’ll read into their body language to tell whether they’re more entertained or used up by my tale of audacious embarrassment).

    I actually have a spreadsheet of meals based on primary protein, time to cook, whether I can leave it in the oven (overnight or during church), crock pot stuff…

    And it’s sort of more like insurance than an actual resource– I open it when I’m preparing a menu in case I need something– which pretty much ensures I won’t ;}


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