Stuff I want to do

I sat down to update this blog and realized I have nothing to write about. I think my brain is getting flabby. I need to learn something and get my mental muscles working again.


Things I want to learn about:

Ballet and dance. I have a character who works magic by dancing. In order to write her story, I get to watch a ton of instructional videos on different kinds of dances. I watched a little bit on ballet last night, and it was lovely. Actually, I want to stand here in the living room and see if I can do the five basic positions, myself. I used to be pretty good at dance-type aerobics.

(I also watched one on how to tango, and it literally takes two to tango. The steps don’t work properly otherwise. It’s opened up some interesting questions about what would happen if two mages tangoed and combined their magic that way. What sort of world-shattering magic could I come up with?)

How to properly make nifty pictures out of stock photos. Fortunately, deviantart has oodles of tutorials, and I just need to sit and read them. I read one earlier and it made it look stupidly easy. (“Stick these pictures together and erase bits of them to let other bits show through!”)

Read more nonfiction. I need to broaden my interests. I cruised around the nonfiction section in the library, and there’s so much there! So much arcane knowledge, from the basics of vampires, to biographies on every famous person known to man, to the psychology of autism, to 101 ways to cook chicken. I don’t even know where to start.

Do some Valentine’s crafts with the kids. I just need to pick up some red paper–we might need to take a walk down to the Dollar Store.

My hubby had a decent evaluation at his work last night (so it doesn’t look like he’ll get fired at the end of 90 days like we feared). It’s been such a huge weight off my mind. I’ve felt like a blocked pipe. Now the block’s gone and thoughts are rushing through my head again.

3 thoughts on “Stuff I want to do

  1. When you wrote that he got a good evaluation, I felt the same way, I knew I could continue to be creative. Your Dad sat down and started outlining a story he wants to write. Isn’t it funny that things we have gone through limits our creativity?
    I am glad that now you are ready to learn new things again. It is like you just wake up out of a sound sleep. I know that I look around me and all I see are possibilities. It is such a nice thing. I am so glad you are feeling that way too.


  2. Hi Kessie

    Thank you for popping over to my blog and leaving a comment. Just wanted to say – try the dancing! I dance Argentine tango, salsa, rumba, cha cha, ballroom tango, waltz, quick step, foxtrot, jive… I love them all and many of my magazine stories have been based around them.


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