Pretty Happy Funny Real–first of 2013!

Every Thursday I want to participate, and I either have no pictures, or no energy to take pictures with. So this week, by golly, I’m participating!


Lots of candidates for Happy!

C. is learning how to brush her teeth!
My cockatiel scratching his head. He’s very comfortable with the noise level around here. Last night the kids were running around screaming and playing, and he was asleep.
Couch forts are more fun on laundry days, when the clothes baskets are empty.
Clothes baskets also make fun places to hide.


It being California, pansies are considered “fall flowers” and get planted around our complex in the winter. How’s that for weird? It does make for some nice color when you start getting spring fever.


The munchkins discovered that underwear makes for cool hats.


The kids’ table, covered in this continuously morphing mess. They use it constantly. It was my husband’s when he was a kid. Heirloom!

5 thoughts on “Pretty Happy Funny Real–first of 2013!

  1. Your pansy looks nearly the same color as the California poppy – It looks so pretty in that vase!
    Your kids are too, funny! I have a similiar picture of my oldest two when they were younger doing the same, but with pull-ups (and they had them on their arms & legs, like they were wearing armor).


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