Spacetime character sketches

After watching 52 episodes of Digimon, I’m starting to think of people in the anime style again. That’s the easiest way for me to draw humans–I can get an approximation of a character’s look, and if I make a mistake on the nose or the eye placement, it doesn’t look quite as weird as if I was going totally realistic.

Anyway, here’s Carda, hero, time/space mage, and wannabe-racecar-driver:


Indal, the friend/rival, time mage, and now a werewolf (and it’s partly Carda’s fault):


Xironi, catgirl, space mage, friends with Indal, and Carda’s romantic interest (which almost amounts to a love triangle):


I need to get a sketch of Michelle done, too. It really helps me write if I can do little concept sketches of characters and events.

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