Drawing fun

It’s really fun taking a reference and interpeting it into a picture.

Check this out. This is a Mesopotamian seal cylinder currently housed in the Louvre.


I tried to draw the closest approximation of a sauropod I could get.


It was actually really easy, because all the details are there, even the toes. I think this may have been a prosauropod, actually, because of the body’s slimness. Anyway, this was TONS of fun to draw. Also I made leaf brushes for the background, and I’m actually happy with how the foliage came out, for once. I have a ways to go still, but I’m on the right track.

I looked up Digimon season 1 for giggles the other day, and now the kids are totally hooked. I forgot how much I enjoyed Digimon, even though back when I originally watched it, I disapproved of anime and only watched it covertly.

I thought it’d be fun to draw Garurumon as if he was a real wolf.

Here’s the anime version:


Here’s my sketchy real-wolf version:


This is, like, disgustingly fun to draw. I’m totally going to do Graymon next (the t-rex one).

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