Dinos in the new year

Everybody’s posting new year’s resolutions and stuff, since it’s January 1st. I have a few goals for this year. Let’s see if I accomplish any of ’em:

Get Storm Chase queried around and possibly picked up for publication/published.

Draw more dinosaurs based on cryptozoology and make the paleoartists mad. (I’ve already had some success in this area! I was warned not to use creationist propaganda to inform my dinosaur art. Isn’t it hilarious?)

My buzzword for this year is Hope. Hoping in Jesus, hoping that He really does know the plans he has for us, and that they’re to prosper us and not harm us.

I know last year I’d wanted my son to be reading on his own, and he is. He wants to sight-read everything and never sound out a thing (he’s like his mama), but he can read pretty much whatever he wants now. That’s not really a resolution, though.

Anyway, about my latest dinosaur scribble.

A while back I posted a link to this website, where this guy theorizes that iguanadons had external ears like horses. I like the idea of duckbills in general having ears, and in particular, I find this Chinese Dragon statue very provocative.

Chinese dragon statue

It’s a duckbill. With ears.

So I went and studied duckbill skulls. A lot of hadrosaurs have very large ear-hole openings, like cows and horses do, but this particular kind of dinosaur (a parasarolophus) stumped me. I can’t see where its ears are at all. But I drew them anyway.


It makes them so dang cute!

One thought on “Dinos in the new year

  1. Yes it does, I guess that is why I am such a big fan of ears. 🙂 Takes all of the scary out. I would give who ever told you not to use creation propaganda the up yours look. 🙂 We can still do what we want. 🙂


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