Cookie exchange

My sister-in-law held a cookie exchange today. It was lots of fun! The kids ran around and played and ate cookies, the adults talked and laughed and ate cookies, and we drank lots of hot punch. It was cold, wet and overcast, so the kids ran in and out a lot.

This was some of the cookies up for exchange. More came later.
The munchkins eating lunch at the table outside.
Everybody eating and having a good time. This isn’t everybody who was there, only the folks who happened in front of my camera.
There was much drinking of tea.

We also did an ornament exchange, which was very cute. The question of hand-knitted ornaments came up. My sister in law has an Etsy shop where she sells her knits, and she makes these lovely little things.

She also knits zombies.

I told her she needed to knit some creepers from Minecraft. She asked what a creeper was. Meg, this is a creeper.

They sneak up behind you and then explode.

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