Rabbit trails

I got thoroughly sidetracked last night. Let me see if I can unravel the rabbit trail.

So, I was fiddling with this pic.

And I went, eh, you know, wings are kind of cliche. What if I put a DRAGON in there? Like, she has a pet one? That’s slightly less cliche!

Then I pondered it some more. She’s in the snow in a heavy coat. So it’d have to be a fuzzy dragon.

Aren’t there some kinds of dinosaurs that have a coating of down, or what they call “dinofuzz”? So I looked it up. Mostly, it breaks down into “if the dino walked in two legs, it had dinofuzz”.

So I went poking around the illustrations and came across a Therizinosaurus.

It’s like an apatosaurus that walks on two legs and has really wicked front claws. It’s so weird, they’ve reclassified it over and over. They have all kinds of theories about what it might have looked like and what the claws were for (since they’re kind of like sloth claws, there’s depictions of it looking all sloth-like, complete with moldy fur).

Which then got me to thinking. Chinese dragons have always been depicted with fur and scales both.

And Therizinosaurus was discovered in Mongolia, so that fits. Wicked Chinese fuzzy-dragon!

Also, I could make the very interesting point that fuzzy dragons existed in mythology centuries before scientists figured out the dragon-like dinosaurs were fuzzy. Like maybe there were human encounters with the beasties. Interesting, isn’t it?

So now my cloaked girl has a fuzzy dragony friend.

Still conceptualizing at this point, though. I’d like it to have more of a story to it, and the dragon’s side-angle is boring. Also he needs more dragony features. It’ll be such fun to make him all fluffy, though.


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