How to draw a unicorn

First, take an antelope.

Antelope stock by kiwi-ify

Do a detailed trace but leave out the horns.

Now add some unicorny details.

Now ain’t that nice? 😀


Halloween ’12

We had a pretty nice Halloween. We used the pirate and cat costumes from last year:

The munchkins in their costumes with their jack o’ lantern.

A neighbor gave us an extra pumpkin they didn’t want, so we merrily carved it up. In the above picture, the kids didn’t have their makeup yet.

Kitty nose and whiskers!
A pirate scar!

I hadn’t done a scouting trip around the neighborhood this year, so I didn’t know where to go to get candy. Seems like all the fun people have moved out over the last year, because we only found one house giving out candy. So we went home and it turned out to be just enough. The kids got to have a small binge, and didn’t bounce off the walls TOO badly afterward.

Today I grabbed the jack o’ lantern and turned it into pumpkin puree. (You have to cut it up and bake it until it’s fork tender, then cut the flesh off the skin and puree it in a blender with some water.)

Sorry, Jack. You’ll be very tasty in a pie.

I’ve been fantasizing about pumpkin bars with a cream cheese frosting … yum …

Also been thinking of canvasing the neighborhood and seeing if anybody else will give me their jack o’ lanterns for processing. The only problem is that I’m completely out of freezer containers and bags. :-p