Inspiration and XCOM

My husband got the game XCOM as an early Christmas present. He’s played it all Thanksgiving weekend. XCOM is one of those weird games that’s hard to define–it’s a turn-based squad tactics game with a backbone of base-building and research and development. The storyline is that you’re managing a group of soldiers during an alien invasion of Earth.

Imagine Final Fantasy Tactics meets Civilization meets Independence Day.

My husband, naturally, has been naming his soldiers after Spacetime characters, which is kind of sad when they get killed off. Right now Indal outranks Carda, which is pretty hilarious.

So we got to talking about what would happen if we did drop our Spacetime characters into an alien war kind of situation. We couldn’t fit it into series 1, of course, but there’s also series 2, after Inferna’s been beaten. At one point, Earth opens a tenuous trade agreement with Tyrona, the most bloodthirsty, war-torn world in the known multiverse. This could become the source of global conflict between two worlds really quickly.

Over dinner, we came up with two or three different plots–what would happen if Carda got drafted into the US military, thereby compromising his impartial status as the Strider of Chronos?

What if Aesti (the robot suit with a soul) picked up a character we haven’t brought into the series yet–a little girl with incredibly destructive powers–and wound up having to protect her?

People always ask writers where their ideas come from. Well, they don’t come from living in a vacuum, that’s for sure. In this case, it comes from admiring and enjoying good world building, and speculating how we could do something similar.

I’ve been plotting how I can cross over my zombies and unicorns story with Spacetime, seeing as it’s all set in the same universe. My hubby helped me come up with some fun new twists and powers, and now I’m itching to get back to it. Besides, the idea of a killer unicorn running around Phoenix, AZ is kind of entertaining.

2 thoughts on “Inspiration and XCOM

  1. I think Carda would be heavily offended by the idea of Indal outranking him.

    Of all the planets, though, why would Earth open trade with a crazy war-torn planet?

    I do like the idea of Carda being drafted though. It’d be interesting to see his reaction. XD


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