Meeting the Meenans!

Joe and Rachel swung by for lunch on their way home from a Night of Writing Dangerously (a NanoWriMo event). After some initial shyness (omg we only know these people through the internet), we hit it off great. Also pizza, because pizza makes everybody feel better.

I’ve met Joe before. He was in my radio dramas as the voice of Shadow/Mekion, but I’d never met Rachel. We’ve been critiquing each other’s writing, and aspiring to get our beloved series published someday. (We’ll someday both be moderately famous and cross-promote our work!)

“Shadow! I knew him well, NetRaptor!”

Anyway, we wound up making them late for a meeting with another friend because we were so busy talking and laughing. Two hours flew by awfully fast. C. went and got in Joe’s lap and made him read her Go, Dog, Go. It was so cute and I completely forgot to get a picture.

We definitely need to get together and hang out more often. Maybe we can move to Pasadena instead of Phoenix. 😀

3 thoughts on “Meeting the Meenans!

  1. We had SO MUCH FUN. =D I think we’ll see more of each other soon… Because I think Joe left our sketch journals there! Also, I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt a little shy, lol.

    I loved how comfortable your kids were around us. It’s so cute how kids just attach themselves to whoever they meet! It made both Joe and I much more comfortable with the idea of having kids ourselves someday! It helps that you guys are such great parents, and you seem to share a lot of the same ideas we have about raising your kids. =D

    As for cross promoting someday… I always thought that if I did that, it’d be SO MUCH FUN (though probably impossible) to write a fun short Zyearth/Spacetime crossover.

    Who knows. I might write a crossover anyway. XD


    1. We just had a good look around, and there’s no sign of any sketch journals. I’d have found them if you left them, because they would have been right there on the couch. Maybe they’re still in the car somewhere?

      I’m glad seeing the kids made you less scared of them! They’re tricky at first, but you get used to having them around. They’re just like cartoon versions of adults. 🙂


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