Just talkin’

Well, my husband is home after a week out of state. It was a long, gloomy week. I feel like I turn into this gray shadow of myself without him around. The kids got mac and cheese and hotdogs for dinner. I ate stir fry every night (because nobody but me likes it and I was on a veggiefest).

I have got lots written on my Nano story. Or stories, because it’s become a collection of things I’m working on. To my Zombies and Unicorns story I’ve added a Sonic the Hedgehog/My Little Pony crossover. It’s kind of like my Sonic/Jazz Jackrabbit crossover–the story comes first and everything else is window dressing.

The Zombies and Unicorns story is delving into all kinds of background lore for Spacetime, especially the Angeli and how they operate. I know angels are really big right now (they’re getting to be like vampires were last year). And everybody has, like, the Devil May Cry sorts of angels–they’re fallen, or outcast, or half, and trying to get back in the good graces of somebody, be it mortal or divine family.

My angelus character was born to be a healer and protector and has no idea of his heritage, since both his parents got nommed by zombies (he thinks). So he’s just hanging out with a unicorn and a griffin, learning useful life skills like how to slay a necromancer. Except the unicorn is suspicious and keeps asking him disturbing questions. Magical creatures don’t get along well together.

Anyway, now that my husband is home, I feel alive again. Like I’m actually posting on the blog. That NEVER happens, right? 😀 I’m starting to dream up dinners again. I’m looking forward to holidays. Life is grand again.

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