Blow your head off – step by step

Wow, that’s a really gruesome title.

Anyway, here’s the step by step of how I did this pic.

First was the concept sketch.

Shadow: Give me one reason I shouldn’t blow your head off.
Sonic: Because Maria wouldn’t have wanted you to.

Complete with story.

Anyway, the concept was good, but the picture itself is kind of meh. So I rotated the camera.

Much more exciting!

Then I layered in some perspective lines to help with my (lousy) background:

I can draw buildings if I have reference. Unfortunately, here I didn’t use reference.

Then I inked Sonic and Shadow all nicely.

I even tried to use the thick-and-thin lines I used to love so much when I was inking by hand. Inking on a tablet just doesn’t feel the same. No friction between the paper and the pen nib.

Next some color on the background, so I’d know where the light sources were …

It wasn’t this blurry to start with, but I put some heavy camera-lens blurs on it to cover up some of my crappy contrast work. You can see it here, when I was midway through shading Sonic and Shads.

As you can see, there’s a lot of nothing on the right side of the picture that got cropped out.

See how shiny Sonic and Shadow get once their shadows and highlights are in place?

Then I smeared blue and purple airbrush all over everything to give it some atmosphere.

All done! I forgot how much I like working on pics that tell stories. I might do it more often. 🙂

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