Nanowrimo report

I swear, I’ve tried to update this blog every day. And every day I run out of words.

Anyway! I accepted the gauntlet for the National Novel Writer’s Month. I had so much fun in June and August, I’m back again for the marathon. The real Nano is really cool, with celebrity pep talks (well, celebrity if you read books), massive forums and lots of really cheerful people.

And so many great ideas! One lady talked about her story where people can store memories in jam. So there’s a huge demand for this jam.

Another girl was asking advice for how to make a steampunk version of Beauty and the Beast, where the whole castle was a clockwork construct.

Another person wanted ideas for why an alien race would suck all the life-force out of Earth.

Man, I get inspired just hanging around the forums.

Anyway, my zombie story is going smoothly, and I have another story waiting in the wings if I get stuck. Actually I need some crazy-bad stuff to happen to my heroes, so I need to brainstorm tonight.

Still using Pretentious Title’s technique for writing 10k words a day. I only have two hours in which to write, so I’m not writing 10k, obviously. But on a good night I can get 2k, and I do make my 1667 quota every night. (Well, almost every night.) Nano’s sure good for accountability. πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “Nanowrimo report

  1. I’m about a thousand words behind right now, but eh, oh well. That’s what weekends are for. XD And a Night of Writing Dangerously.

    I think the big thing I’m finding out is that my writing and novels actually addresses some pretty deep themes… Something I never intended. Also finding out that I may not have to redo those past novels after all… they just need some REALLY HEAVY editing. >>


  2. Dad was just asking how you were doing with your word count. I am totally impressed you are able to write like that with 3 little ones. That is just awesome.
    It sounds like you are having a good time with it. I am glad you joined in this time.


  3. Farmgirl: I broke 11k words last night, so I’m right on track for the first week. If next week goes as planned, however, I’ll be writing the rest of it longhand on notepaper. :-p


  4. I actually know someone else who’s doing NaNOWriMO! Yay! I remember how hard it was to write when the girls were much younger. I commend you. Thank you, thank you for posting about Pretentious Title. I enjoyed reading her method and want to dig in and try it this afternoon. I read some of her other posts. It’s inspiring to see that you can do things like increase your word count. I’m so glad I stopped by. I’m even happier that you shared this. I look forward to hearing how you’re doing as the month progresses. I better get off the internet and get to work now!:)


  5. Hi Patrice, glad you could drop by! I forgot you were doing Nano, too! What’s your screenname over there? Mine’s NetRaptor. We can buddy each other and see each other’s word counts. πŸ™‚


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