I’ve been tinkering with this tonight.

Click for full size

It’s more or less the way I want it. Now I just have to fine tune the details and the values. I’m starting to not be able to see it anymore, so I’m letting it rest for a while. Kind of like editing a book to death. You just have to take a break sometimes.

So, for something completely different, I scribbled this:

Shadow: Give me one reason I shouldn’t blow your head off.
Sonic: Because Maria wouldn’t have wanted you to.

I haven’t been much interested in Sonic art lately. For one thing, Sonic characters aren’t a challenge anymore. For another thing, no pic ideas I’ve come up with excite me. A picture has to have a story in it for me to really get into it. The dragon pic up there was “meh” until I introduced a bit of a situation.

So I fished about for something Sonicy to draw that would make me sit up straighter. A bit of conflict! That’s the ticket! Also listening to a nice version of Ave Maria made me think of Shadow. (Maria’s the little girl who was basically his sister, who got murdered. Shadow’s never gotten over it.)

Whatever tussle Sonic and Shadow have had, Shadow won’t be able to pull the trigger. Because he knows Sonic is right.

Now, to set it in some really nifty environment …


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