Caramel cake

My birthday was this past weekend. I didn’t feel much like any sort of sugary sweet, but the munchkins associate birthdays with cake. So I thought, why don’t I make a cake so good even I can’t resist it? Like, just a white cake with caramel drizzled over it?

Caramel cake

I’ve been determined to conquer the Bundt cake pan. Last time I made one, it stuck to the fluting and tore in half. So this time I buttered and floured the heck out of it. Then I let it cool completely, then ran a rubber spatula down the fluting. The cake popped right out. Conquered!

I also mixed some chocolate chips into the batter. Forgot to mention that little detail. (The cake recipe was a generic cake recipe, but you could do this with any cake mix or recipe you please.)

For the caramel sauce, I actually used a butterscotch sauce recipe. It’s brown sugar, corn syrup, butter, and a shot of heavy cream. I only had milk, so I used that. You couldn’t tell. It was lovely. Also some vanilla once it’s cooked.

You’re only supposed to let it boil five minutes, but I let it go more like ten or fifteen because I like my caramel thick. It turned out thick, all right. Like, the-outside-of-a-candy-apple thick. After it cooled on the cake, nothing induced it to move.

But boy, was it good.

The munchkins (and hubby) couldn’t wait to devour the whole thing. I managed to make it last 24 hours, and then it was gone. Good thing, too. I shouldn’t make cakes I can’t resist.

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