Saturday blog roundup!

Blog roundup time!

There was some great stuff in my blog feed this week. Let’s see what we’ve got.


Speculative Faith is doing a series on Doctor Who’s sendoff of Amy and Rory. Spoilers! Part 1 and part 2.

The Bookshelf Muse has a guest post about uncluttered prose.

Adventures in YA Publishing has a guest post about improving your writing.

Rachel Blackmon tackles the sticky issue of sex in literature.


Jim Gurney is doing a series of posts on a painting commissioned by Ranger Rick. Of a pteranadon!


Pioneer Woman is cooking up Nutella Rice Krispy Treats.

And also Pepperoni Pizza Burgers.

Cooking from Scratch gives a rundown on Angel Food Cake.

A Year of Slow Cooking has a recipe for Smoky Turkey and Black Bean Soup.

Oddball picture of the week:

The face of this animal that was first observed by naturalists in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2007 and has now been verified genetically as a distinct species, will surely ensure it instant celebrity status among the planet’s best-loved creatures. It’s adorable. Human hearts will go out to this rare African primate, already listed as “vulnerable” even as it first enters the annals of science.

It is impossible not to fall for this face – but why?


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