Cover reveal: Dragonwitch by Anne Elisabeth Stengl

Today I partnered with Anne Elisabeth Stengl to reveal the cover of her new book. Drumroll please!

An Ancient Evil

Long ago, Etanun buried his sword in the depths of the Netherworld then vanished from all known history. One day, it is said, his heir will find the sword, and the Dragonwitch, firstborn of the Dragon King, will be finally slain.

A Desperate Hope

These stories are no more than nursery rhymes. In a world of cold reality, what room is left for fairy tales? Lady Leta of Aiven is pledged to marry a man she does not love . . . sleepless Lord Alistair struggles to unite the stubborn earls of the North Country . . . Mouse is lost, far from home, slaving as a kitchen drudge . . .

. . . and the reclusive Chronicler, keeping the records of Gaheris Castle, bears a secret so dangerous it could cost him his life and plunge the North Country into civil war.

An Impossible Journey

But when nursery rhymes begin to come horribly true, will these unlikely heroes find the strength they need to fulfill a prophecy of fire? For the Dragonwitch lives. And she has vowed vengeance on all who have wronged her.

Coming Summer 2013

Tales of Goldstone Wood

Timeless Fantasy that will keep you Spellbound!


I’m sadly behind with her series, but this cover makes me want to run down and get every one of them!


2 thoughts on “Cover reveal: Dragonwitch by Anne Elisabeth Stengl

  1. Huh, interesting. Have never heard of co-op cover-reveals. Are you familiar with this author?

    Also, I don’t know if critique is couth, given this is someone else’s work, but I need to point this out: the text stands out in all the wrong ways. It has no depth to it, contrasts too harshly against the background image, and doesn’t really feel like it’s ‘part’ of the cover. I’d advise some use of embossing/drop shadow/coloring, anything to make it blend better with the cover. As it stands, it simply looks quickly implemented and brings the cover to a rather amateur-level.


    1. Seeing as this cover is pretty much set in stone by her publisher, there’s not much point in nitpicking it. And yes, I comment on her blog all the time. She’s very nice.


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