Friday blog roundup

YA Highway does these on Fridays, and I always find a few things in there to broaden my horizons. I follow a billion blogs now, and there’s been interesting stuff on all of them this week. Here’s a selection!

On writing:

I got interviewed over on the Literary Equine!

Rachel gives a rundown on the Passive Voice: the dreaded To Be verb.

Anne Stengl gives tips on how character relationships make them much more interesting.

Stephen Burnett reports on the weirdness of cosplayers getting banned from a banquet at ACFW.

YA Highway talks about the fine line between thriller and horror.

On Adventures in YA Publishing, Joan Swan talks about nailing emotional turning points in your novel.

The Kill Zone talks about getting the Male Perspective right.

On art:

James Gurney profiles Solomon Solomon and his book The Practice of Oil Painting.

Run-around Ranch Report has an amusing series of photos of a cardinal being upset at a painted bunting in the birdbath.

On food:

Pioneer Woman makes granola bars. You know they’re decadent just from that.

Bizarre picture of the week:

Golden eagle attacks cameraman

Apparently there was an annual eagle hunting competition going on in Kazakhstan, and this eagle took offense to the cameraman. More details here.

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