Horse robot video

Remember the videos of the creepy dog bot? Well, the folks at DARPA are at it again, this time with a horse-bot programmed to follow you.

Can’t you just imagine the thing getting a spark of intelligence and trying to kill you?

There’s another video in there of a cheetah robot running 30 MPH on a treadmill. That was even more horrifying, in a way. Like the mechanical hound from Fahrenheit 451.


3 thoughts on “Horse robot video

    1. When there’s the shot in the end of two robots, look at the front. There’s a little camera thing swiveling back and forth as it looks around. IT’S SO CREEPY.


  1. That is very… yikes. Kudos on the technology, but… that thing looks creepy! The walking, the spinning head-thing… my goodness!

    Not certain giving it a lifeless head would help at all with it, though. Then it’d just have this blank stare as it’s walking. *shiver*


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