Triceratops giggles

I enjoy dinosaur reconstructions way too much. I was reading the highly controversial (and therefore extremely thought provoking) blog. Particularly this one, about ceratopsians being alive in South America with the various people groups there.

It’s very interesting, but what really caught my interest was his discussion about the triceratops’s cheek bones. Most artists these days make them stick out.

See the horn sticking out of the side of his cheek? S8int’s theory is that the cheekbone is just a cheekbone, not a spike, giving the triceratops more of a cow look (and possibly a big smile).

I went and looked closely at skeletons, and I think he’s right.

The cheekbone sticks out, bit it definitely doesn’t have a massive spike on it.

Or here, either.

In fact, the only place it sticks out is on manmade reconstructions, plaster replica skulls and such. They make that cheekbone WAY huge.

So I started sketching. Along the way I compared trikes to rhinoceri. Rhinoceri have different shaped spines and hips, but their legs and feet are almost identical. So I stuck rhino legs on my trike.

Then I looked up baby rhinoceri, and they’re way cuter than I expected.

Look at his knobby knees and huge feet!

And baby triceratops would have looked really cute, too.

So a baby triceratops had to go in the picture, too.

Also, once you eliminate that cheekbone and allow the frill to flow into the jawline, there’s room for an external ear. Which I think looks hilarious, but then the real animal would look hilarious. And slightly dangerous. I mean, yaks look pretty funny, but you wouldn’t want one coming after you.


3 thoughts on “Triceratops giggles

  1. OMG that is super cute. I do like the external ear better than the internal ear idea. You would think that trikes would be simultaniously cute but scary. I imagine a lot of dinos were.

    I should apply this idea to my triceratops characters…


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