Making of Facing Solaris

Here’s the beginning sketch. I moved the characters around a bit so their feet weren’t hanging off the bottom of the picture.
Here’s the inked version. Solaris has a really, really weird shape. I sat and stared at the official model to get this look. Good thing most of these lines will get scrubbed out.
Time to drop in a background! I went with purple, black and dark blue all in blotches, especially right around the characters, to make them stand out. Then I hit it with a Shatter brush (there’s also filters that do the same thing).
For Solaris, I flood-filled him light blue, then grabbed an airbrush. He’s swirled light gray, light purple, light blue, and light cyan. And scrubbed out as much of the disturbing detail as possible.
Alas, I don’t have any progress pics of the hedgehogs and Elise. For the glowy hedgehogs, I scrubbed white into the middle of them and yellow around the edges. Elise got black in the middle and blue highlights around the edges, since she’s not super.
And here’s Solaris’s majesty.
And the glowy fire-bird merged with Shadow (giving him the awesomest super form ever), and the glow around the hedgehogs. And it’s more or less finished.

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