A Non-Controversial post

I’ve been reading a lot of advice columns lately. Advice on cooking. Advice on homeschooling. Advice on writing, publishing, marketing, and blogging.

In the area of blogging, people recommend talking about controversial things to drive people to your blog. Nothing drives up traffic like arguments, right?

I’ve tried all week to think of something controversial I actually want to talk about. I don’t have a bee in my bonnet about anything in particular. I’m sick of politics. Online discussions about creation vs. evolution degenerate into name-calling within two posts.

Besides, Pioneer Woman, mega-blogger extreme, recommends NOT posting controversial topics. Because people’s lives suck already, and they come to you to read about nice things.

I recently drew this Sonic fanart based on that fanfic I just wrote. I’ll have a step-by-step breakdown of the art process soon.

So here’s a non-controversial post. Last night I finished draft 5 of Spacetime. There was brief fist-pumping. Then I went to bed because it was late.

I recently read an article on Writer’s Digest that explained how to edit your novel in 4 steps. You write it. Then you go over it sentence by sentence. Then you print it out and mark it up. Then you read the monster aloud and fix any spots that sound weird. Then you send it off to a publisher and write the next one.

I went, hey, that sounds easy! So I’m going on to step 2 with this draft. Then steps 3 and 4. I’m hoping to get it done by the end of September and start shopping it around.

The question foremost on my mind is the book cover … and what I want it to look like …

Also, I’m pondering using a sphinx in a future story. According to my research, sphinxes (sphinxi?) don’t get used in books as major characters. Mostly they cameo as a throw-away monster, like in Harry Potter.


2 thoughts on “A Non-Controversial post

  1. If you really want to “increase traffic” based on controversy, all you’d really have to do is say something about Christ and you’d be bashed for being a human hating, close minded, bible thumper. =P Sadly I think Christians are the only people that culturally acceptable to make fun of. That and homophobics. And politicians.

    I dunno about writing your book only four times though… I’m on my sixth draft and I still feel like it’s a complete mess. =P But those are some good tips!

    And you should TOTALLY make a Sphinx character. And have her make fun of the riddle of the Sphinx. I get very tired of that being overused. I’m glad Harry Potter chose a different riddle. >>


  2. Well I can post all kinds of Christian stuff, but I want it to be nice. When a verse or a passage speaks to me, I’ll post about it. I’m in a waiting room right now, and that’s no fun to talk about.

    Have you tried reading Zyearth aloud yet? I tried reading the previous draft of Spacetime aloud and instantly found problems. I’m interested to read this draft and see how it flows.

    Somebody asked if I was putting Slasher in Spacetime (was it you?), and I was thinking of converting her into a sphinx. But she’d have to go into the middle-grade series I’m planning, which is much heavier on the magical beasties. (Middle-grade Spacetime! With the current casts’ kids! Such fun!)


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