Concept sketches

Just some concept sketches. I just finished the August Nanowrimo, dividing my wordcount between two stories. One was a Sonic fanfic and the other was a rewrite of Spacetime #1. It wasn’t a complete rewrite, but there were enough new scenes that I was able to combine wordcounts.

Here’s one of the final scenes in the Sonic fanfic, where Sonic, Shadow and Silver (and Elise) take on Solaris, the splintered god. Except I couldn’t see why Solaris had to be just a mindless monster like in the game, so in my fanfic, they actually talk to him. If I finish this pic, I’ll have to make the canvas big enough to accommodate his wings.

And for Spacetime …

Carda getting nailed with a piece of capture armor, disabling his magic output from that hand. (If the whole suit of armor rebuilds itself around you, you’re its prisoner. You kind of don’t want any pieces on you at all.)

So yeah. Just conceptual stuff. 🙂


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