Book review: Seeking Unseen

Seeking Unseen is the sequel to Finding Angel, which I reviewed here. Two years has passed since the events of Finding Angel, and Angel really really wants to know what became of her younger foster-brother. She’s given some disquieting magical visions of him, and sets off to rescue him along with her new boyfriend Ayden.

But Angel winds up accidentally bringing back not only her foster-brother, but her annoying friend Melinda. Melinda is the rebellious punk-goth type, and she instantly takes over the story. Her viewpoint of the hidden magical town, devoid of electricity and technology, as well as her flirting with the ex-con Doran and his dubious experiments, makes this book really pop.

And yes, there’s glowing butterflies.

A few things felt choppy about the beginning of the book, as if we were rushing through character development to get to the good stuff, but I’m working off an ARC and things might be polished up a little more in the final version.

Melinda is one of those infuriating yet sympathetic characters, because if she wasn’t running around breaking rules, not much plot would happen. The beetle Horatio has a bigger role this time, and there’s lots of callbacks to characters who died in Finding Angel. You might want to read that first, because an entire portion of the plot follows on from book 1. But Seeking stands on its own, too. Just be aware that it’s going to spoil all the surprises from Finding Angel.

All told, the author’s storytelling skills have massively improved between the first book and the second. If the third one is even better than Seeking, then we’re looking at some eventual bestsellers.


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