Play table

Over the weekend, my parents-in-law came by to pick up some of their furniture in storage. They brought us a few things, including this great playtable.


A friend built it for my husband when he was little, and they’ve saved it all these years for the grandkids. And boy, does it make a great place to draw pictures and build legos!

Happily pointing at the camera right as I snap the picture.

The behbeh loves my camera. She’s always trying to steal it, and she can’t hold still when I’m trying to take her picture. She’s also not interested in walking. Crawling is good enough for her, and she goes like lightning.


3 thoughts on “Play table

  1. That is a very nice table. I bet they are so happy with it. Not wanting to walk is like someone else I knew a long time ago. 🙂 She could crawl like lighting too.
    I always love seeing pictures.


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